"Let's direct our youth to science!” Organized at the International scientific research centre of Imam Tirmizi. Responsible for the event, researchers and students participated. 

At the beginning of the event, the director of International scientific research Centre of Imam Termizi Sh. Umarov spoke to the participants about the work being done to acquire knowledge and its qualities, the orientation of today's youth to science.
Speakers at the event also spoke about the practical work being done in our country to support scientific and innovative activities, reform the system of training.

  It was noted that special attention is paid to creating the necessary conditions for talented young people in various fields to achieve significant results in prestigious national and international Olympiads, competitions and contests, attracting them to advanced and modern science.
- Our holy religion - Islam is also a religion of knowledge and enlightenment. Knowledge is a means to the happiness of both worlds, and every action must base on knowledge. The perfect performance of any work or action depends on its being based on knowledge. Knowledge brings respect and virtue to a person. It is not for nothing that our people say, "If you are a scientist, the world is yours." As a person continues to acquire knowledge, his scope of knowledge expands, his thinking opens up, and he thinks deeply. In this way, we will find a solution to any problem, - said Fakhriddin Khudoynazarov, a researcher at the Department of Hadith Studies.
In summary, the status, destiny and prospects of any society are determined by the power of the young people living in it, their level of knowledge, spirituality and sentience. Young people are the future of society, its active members, in other words, worthy heirs of the future of society. "Let's direct our youth to science!" The practical measures will also create the basis for the successors of our future to become worthy personnel for the development of our country.


International Scientific Research Centre of Imam Termizi Press Service

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